Patch Up! is a workshop on musical modular synthesis hosted by York University and the Responsive Ecologies Lab at Ryerson University that brings together scholars, artists, educators, musical instrument designers and engineers to explore modular synthesis and its impact on music and multimedia arts. Through historical, technical, social, aesthetic, pedagogical, artistic and other perspectives, the workshop will open a collective reflection and sharing of knowledge on the powerful connections between technology, creativity, culture and personal agency.

The goal of the workshop is to explore how the features and practices of modular synthesizers set them apart from other music making objects and systems, and how this specific technology has important implications for rethinking creativity, making and inclusive learning, as well as innovations in artistic communities, educational settings, and sound-based industries. The workshop will provide valuable insights into how individuals and communities project their identities onto the objects and the technologies they own, and the search for meaningful technological and artistic encounters.

The workshop brings together scholars, artists, engineers, educators and entrepreneurs in order to break down the boundaries that often separate these spheres, thus leading to a collaborative exchange of knowledge as well as new forms of cultural engagement and artistic practice. Our aim is to create a collegial and multi-disciplinary atmosphere based on the mutual exploration of ideas and hands-on engagement through various forms of interaction, discussion and knowledge sharing. Participants will share their insights as to the reasons behind the growing popularity of modular synthesis and the opportunities that this unique technology provides for musical experimentation and non-screen based interaction and creativity. 

The workshop will take place from January 14-16, 2022.


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