January 2021 | Toronto/Virtual


A workshop on synthetic sound and modular thought.


Synthetic Sound and Modular Thought

Patch Up! is a workshop on modular synthesis hosted by York University and the Responsive Ecologies Lab at Ryerson University that brings together scholars, artists, educators, musical instrument designers and engineers to explore modular synthesis and its impact on music and multimedia arts. Through historical, technical, social, aesthetic, pedagogical, artistic and other perspectives, the workshop will open a collective reflection and sharing of knowledge on the powerful connections between technology, creativity, culture and personal agency.

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April 1-3, 2022


The workshop brings together scholars, artists, engineers, educators and entrepreneurs in order to break down the boundaries that often separate these spheres, thus leading to a collaborative exchange of knowledge as well as new forms of cultural engagement and artistic practice. Click to see the agenda.

Beyond the workshop


Patch Up! will yield opportunities to develop transformative curriculum and teaching material; to enrich public discourses around technology and creativity; to enhance entrepreneurial strategies and increased innovations, specifically in the sectors of music technology and arts/entertainment; and to provide graduate supervision opportunities.


Supported by


social sciences and humanities research council

york university

department of humanities

ryerson university

Responsive Ecologies Lab


Canada Foundation for Innovation


Ministry of Research and Innovation